I am involved in several charity organizations that I hold near and dear to my heart. Included are Gateway Alliance Church, which is very active in the community and has a fantastic local vision. Globally I support the One Red Bead project.

At the India – Nepal Project they are passionate about supporting the healing process for individuals and communities that are affected by human Trafficking. They utilize the practice of yoga and Meditation as tools for cultivating resiliency as well as assist in the creation of sustainable means for the financial future of those affected by trafficking. Through positive employment which includes skill building, long term opportunity and benefits such as the nurturing of physical and emotional health.

Together we can empower vulnerable communities and effect lasting change.

We may not be part of the problem of trafficking but we can certainly be part of the solution.

By saying yes to Coaching you automatically become a part of a global community supporting “One Red Bead.” Click here for more information.