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Joy was a joy to work with – pun intended. She allowed me to share openly and she listened with full presence and intent. She offers herself completely as a coach and has a kind, patient and attentive soul. With her help, I was able to explore several possibilities in an area where I felt stuck.
Simone Brown- Client
Joy has this amazing ability for finding the genuine in everyone...even if we don’t see it ourselves. But finding it isn’t her best gift, it’s the gentle, lovingly, determined way that she lets you see it too, no matter how deeply buried. Her heart is so big, and she selflessly helps anyone become the best version of themselves. Truly a rare and powerful gift. Anyone who has spent significant time with her has become better for it.
Myrna Forth- Client
I was introduced to Joy through my journey of personal fitness and was supposed to stand on stage beside her in May of 2015. She has been such a positive influence in my life. Her genuine sincerity to help me past mental road blocks and guide me to a better place of focus, has been amazing. She has a very caring yet professional mannerism about her that make you feel very at ease.
Tammy Kirton- Client
Simone BrownMyrna ForthTammy Kirton